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HR3 Matrix Hair Loss Treatment with Microneedling

The Hair Loss can affect male and female though the pattern is usually different.

Male pattern hair loss may present as receding hairline (starting from both temples), loss of hair on the crown and combination of both. Female pattern hair loss is typically presents as a thinning of the hair.

This type of hair loss is known as ANDROGENIC ALOPECIA or ALOPECIA ANDROGENICA.

Androgen is a male sex hormone but females also have them but at lower levels.

Male pattern hair loss is principally due to the effect of androgens, on scalp hair follicles in genetically susceptible individuals. The cause in female pattern hair loss remains unclear



You arrive to Healthy roots clinic with clean and washed hair. For the best result we advise to use GENOSYS SCALP & HAIR SHAMPOO and HAIR TONIC. Please enquire for the cost at Healthy Roots Clinic. These products have:

  1. Anti-bacterial property
  2. Improving scalp inflammation
  3. Accelerating hair growth
  4. Activating nourishment of hair
  5. Making hair thicker and healthier



1st step is the application of Scalp peeling solution, which disinfects the treatment part and refreshes the scalp before microneedling.

Its benefits are:


The practitioner will massage few drops of SCALP PEELING solution well into treatable area.

2nd step is Microneedling with HAIR SOLUTION which prevents and slows hair loss.

Its benefits are:


3rd step is to finish with the massage and application of HAIR TONIC


Hair gets thicker and new hair starts to grow. Within 4 weeks of professional treatment and home care, the visible hair growing effect is achieved.

Frequency of Treatment

Recommended Homecare Products

Genosys Scalp and Hair Shampoo/ Hair Tonic

Cost of the Treatment

HALF HEAD (use of Dermafix pen) (60 minutes) – £95.00
FULL HEAD (use of Dermafix pen) (90-120 minutes) – £150.00


Dermafix Microneedling Training Certificate

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